Our Does

Brown Sugar with her twins.

Touch of Brown Sugar #10674800

Sug is a 98% purebred doe. She is a great mother and continues to throw solid kids with great color. 

DOB 1/13/15


Jaycee #10655206

She is a fullbood traditional doe. She has a very sweet disposition and has given us beautiful kids with good lines.

DOB 3/15/14


Emily Rose #10674797

Emily is a traditional fullblood doe. She was one of our first does. She is so gentle and gives kids with her disposition.

DOB 1/2/15.


Mara # 10652090

Mara is a traditional fullblood doe. She is such a good mamma. Mara continues to prove her ability to throw strong, thick kids.

DOB 3/31/14.


Cosmic Dot # 10764932

Dot has with a pretty black circle on her back. She also has 100% pigment in her tail. She is fullblood.

DOB 1/16/17.


Dear Prudence # 10764934

Prudence is very friendly and has a great stocky build. Daughter of Jaycee and Little John and twin of Lucy (in the background). She is Fullblood.

DOB 1/13/17.


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds # 10764933

Lucy has some great black tinge to her brown and a black dot on her belly. She has a thick stocky build. Daughter of Jaycee and Little John and twin of Prudence. She is fullblood.

DOB 1/13/17.


Petunia Belle # 10764579

Petunia is very gentle with a great circle on her back and little spots of color here and there. We look forward to watching her grow up.  Daughter of Emily and Bolt. She is fullblood.

DOB 8/15/17.


Delilah (registration pending)

Delilah is Fullblood.  Dam is Mara. Sire is Bolt.

DOB 2/9/18.


Jaycees Little Petey (Reg. Pending)

Little Petey is a Fullblood doe. Dam is Jaycee and her Sire is Little John.

DOB 2/2/18. 


Darla Jean (Reg. Pending)

Darla Jean is Fullblood and twin of Little Petey. Great dark colors. Sister of Dear Prudence and Lucy in the sky.

DOB 2/2/18.